T&t’s’ New Site Launches!

After two healthy years of word of mouth marketing for website services it was about time that T&t Development Systems had an official face, and not just a tax ID number! I’ve been blessed with the problem of helping other people build their websites and enhance their business I’ve not spent the time to develop my own site – the “cobbler’s shoes’ problem (which is a great problem to have, in this economy!)

First, I’d like to give a big shout out to all of my website clients – without you, and your referrals, my business would long since have been out of business.

Second, I’d like to announce a new business venture coming to fruition, which has been a year in the making – The WordPress Dojo. This will be a premiere community based training and tutorial site for my clients and the webmaster community at large. Though primarily geared to the WordPress user, any and all managers of content platforms may benefit.

The WordPress Dojo will serve three audiences: First, there are those of you who just want to create your own site or make an existing site better, Second, there are those of you who want to learn the “ins and outs” of running a WordPress website and become a better webmaster, whether it’s learning how to install WordPress from scratch, how to pick a host, or how to install and customize themes – your basic WebMastery and Wizardry. Third, there are those of you, (like myself a scant two years ago), who would like to not only make websites for yourselves, but to run a website development business, building websites for others for fun and profit!

I will let you know via Twitter and this blog when the Dojo comes online – within the next 30 days, so keep an eye out sometime before Valentine’s Day!

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