The American President was a project borne out of a passion to educate fellow Americans about the need for a truly “American” president who would uphold conservative values and constitutional limits on the government.

The site launched well before the 2008 Presidential Election and encouraged guest bloggers to enter their comments on the upcoming election. Neither leaning to the Democratic nor Republican party, and equally critical of were the government was headed as it continued to gain power over areas of American life, bloggers expressed their opinions on all topics from abortion, to illegal immigration, taxation, and more.

Well after the election, the site is no longer active, but lives on here in the T&T Development Systems Archive as a testimony to what a few people are willing to do to speak freely about issues pertaining to the electoral process. A site such as this one would lead to arrest and detention in many other countries, so it stands as a memorial of freedom to those willing to have their say in the public square.

May freedom ring!

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