Personal WordPress Hosting

There comes a time when the serious personal blogger or small business website owner will simply outgrow their host. Whether you are restricted to the number of themes available to select from, you don’t want to have to pay additional fees for each little add-on you want to support (like using a custom domain name), whether or not you are allowed to install the latest and greatest plugins, or you just want total control, you find that you now need to go your seperate way.

That’s where we can help!

Here at T&t Development Systems we will host your blog using the latest release of WordPress and offer you the following features:

  • FREE domain mapping to your blog
  • FREE email addresses or forwards
  • FREE access to BackupBuddy (a $150 value) with UNLIMITED backups (every day if you want to!)
  • UNLIMITED access to themes, plugins, and extensions available to the WordPress community
  • FREE importing of your current site into your new WordPress Blog
  • 1 year FREE access to The WordPress Dojo when launched to help you make the most of your website.

The BackupBuddy plugin ALONE is worth the value of self-hosting with T&t Development Systems.

Use our Contact Form and select “I want to self-host a personal WordPress Website” for the subject.

For more information on the BackupBuddy plugin and why it’s such a benefit to your self-hosted blog, click the image below.

Free with every self-hosted website at T&t Development Systems

BackupBuddy – the All In One Backup, Restore, and Migration solution.Backup WordPress Easily