How It Works

Requirements Gathering

Our first question is, “What do you want your website to do?” There are plenty of websites out there that exist for the sole purpose of existing, but they don’t have any real purpose. Are you trying to make a sale? Are you trying to get someone to give you their email address? Are you trying to give them an impression of your ministry so they can decide to visit next Sunday?

Think of your website as a house: You don’t just pour a square of concrete and start putting walls here & there as you go… you need a plan, which leads us into the …

Project Scope

Using the house analogy, we have to determine what goes in it – are you looking for a utilitarian an economical home that a young couple can grow into, or are you looking for a lakehouse with panoramic views out the East wall with radiant heat floors, gold bath fixtures, home theater, and a stone patio kitchen? That same 2,500 square foot dwelling can cost in the $200,000 range or the $600,000 depending on how you want it furnished.

Likewise, your website will have certain features: static or rotating headers, different graphics for different parts of the site, different layouts for the home page vs. interior pages, and the list goes on. By determining the scope you will know exactly what to expect from us, and we will know what we are required to do for you. We can then get to work and provide for you a …

First Draft

After some time ‘in the cave’ we will present to you an initial draft with preliminary layouts, graphics, and features. This helps us not get too far ahead so if a design change becomes necessary, your project is not so far along that it will require a major rewrite. We just want to make sire your site is headed in the right general direction. As we get closer to the final design we will address any suggested …


Revisions are addressed at this near final stage, and generally encompass items that “cross the t’s and dot the i’s” such as changing certain graphics, text, color schemes, etc. while still remaining within the same scope addressed in the prior step. If there are any items or features that need to be addressed at this stage that were not in the original scope, a change order can be issued before launch, or we can address it as a separate project after launch.


On the evening of your site’s launch all the back-end work is done to enable certain plugins and features that cannot be done on a development site. Email addresses are created for your new domain, and any launch-day issues are addressed. Training begins for the person or persons who will maintain the site, and we’re done! You now have a website!

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