August Chamber of Commerce Training – Website Layouts using Builder

On Thursday, August 9, 2012 T&t Development Systems is proud to host a WordPress Meetup at the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce.

You have a website but you feel “stuck” having only one way to present your company’s information or “image.” No matter what your visitor is looking at it has the same layout. Worse, it looks just like your competition!

In the print world, you have multiple ways of presenting yourself: Business cards, brochures, posters, etc. You should have the same freedom with your website!

You may want a “landing page” for an event your company is holding. You may want your home page to have the latest news that’s INSIDE your website, and you may want to get all the “clutter” out of the way when your visitors are actually reading your posts or articles, or watching your videos.

Enter WordPress and Builder.

This Thursday you will have the opportunity to learn how to create multiple layouts for your website using WordPress, arguably the most popular website platform today, and a tool called Builder – and none of it requires ANY programming or coding.

If you manage your company’s website and you want to learn how to optimize your brand and image based on the message you are trying to convey or the story you want to tell, I look forward to seeing you at the seminar!

If you think this seminar may be “over your head”, don’t worry. Even if you are not the technical type, you will learn how you convey your image or brand to your community in a powerful way whether you do it yourself, or you hire it out to a web developer.

See you Thursday!


  1. Landing page is the best way to test out an idea/service/product without spending too much time/money into it.

    Once you get a proven landing page layout, then you can translate it over to your main layout….

    My 2 c.

    Robin Ooi

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